A warehouse is essential to the success of any retailer. Storing inventory to meet consumer demands translates to loyal customers who have no reason to check out the competition. How well the warehouse meets those needs depends on the system of pallet racks utilized. Among all the Pallet Rack Systems available, the most economical and common is the selective pallet rack system. This choice offers direct access to each pallet, which helps simplify stock management for department stores and distribution centers. Rows of pallets makes it easy to find specific inventory required to respond to trends, meet seasonal demands, and fulfill orders for shipping.

That system is not suitable for all pallet sizes, warehouse applications, and inventory. It is not possible to store large rolls of carpeting, for example, on a selective rack system. It may be necessary to utilize more than one system to improve the function of the warehouse. Setting aside one section for a cantilever rack system will accommodate oddly shaped, heavy, or long items. The extension arms are attached to the wall or a base and left open to fit things such as piping, various lengths of lumber, and chimney cleaning tools. The racks can be installed vertically or horizontally to suit needs. Utilizing a drive-in rack system is ideal for last in-first out (LIFO) inventory management. High volume merchandise, uniform sized pallets, and freezer and cooler storage benefit from this system. There are no aisles required so storage space is maximized. Suppliers of rack systems, such as Atlantic Rack, can customize the system to fit the specific sizes of pallets and forklifts used in any warehouse.

Items with expiration dates, such as batteries, dried goods, and processed foods, require a drive-thru pallet system. It is similar to the drive-in racks in terms of density and lack of aisles, but differs in that it has entry points at both ends of the bay. This systems functions well because inventory will not be skipped over, forgotten, or wasted if the date expires.

Experts can help with selection assistance of racks. If the warehouse configuration fails to meet the current needs, renovations can be made to improve the function of the building. A newly purchased warehouse may not have the right racks for the intended purpose. In that case, different racks can be installed. Used pallet racks may be available to cut down on renovation costs. Building owners can go to www.atlanticrack.com to request services for warehouse design, detailed information on all available rack systems, and free quotes. A blog page is also found on the website for advice and tips regarding maximizing space, information about storage room organization, and ideas to improve functionality.